Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Hero: getting to know our partners

(click on the image to see it in full size and be able to read the information included)

Thanks to Juanma, we can now all see where our partners are working from. The names are those of the teachers leading each class... Behind each teacher, several teens eager to discuss who a hero is...

Isn't it incredible to have the chance to exchange opinions with so many people from such varied places? Maybe you think it rather silly, but let me tell you I'm quite excited by the possibilities!!!

By the way, schools have been preparing some "welcome online packages" so that others can get to know them. We will be using this blog to show our ideas and products. Below, you can find the links to the different packages already shared:

Teacher David, at Bloor C.I. (in Toronto, Canada):
Teacher Anne, at Muir School (in California, USA):
Teachers Helena and Tanja, at SUAS (in Slovenia) :

And here you can find the results of collaboration in our class to produce our own "virtual welcome pack":

Thanks to Ana, Martin, Nicolás and Débora for their collaboration to get all this together (Rodrigo has promised to submit his contribution soon, keep your fingers crossed!). Also, special thanks to our school head and project tutor for helping us get all this online!!!

Suggestions for improvement are welcome!

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