What are UK teens like?

Our wordcloud on North Birmingham School

1st year 2013 - Instituto Santa Cruz - BA

Here are our assumptions about teens in Birmingham:

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  1. My classes found your word cloud very interseting to read. They agreed and disagreed with some of yor key words.

    Words we agreed with:

    Football - A lot of the class either like playing or watching football, even if they don't support a team they could still tell you who was at the top of the league! In Birmingham we have 2 main football teams - Aston Villa and Birmingham City, there is often quite a rivalry between these 2 teams and their fans!

    Techonlogy - Every single student has a mobile phone which they can not live without! Our school has banned mobiles being used on the school site, if a mobile phone is seen then teachers have to confiscate them and their students parents have to collect it from school.

    Cricket - This is mainly popular with the boys rather than the girls.

    Tea - This split the class, some students didn't understand why tea was associated with Britain, however, being addicted to tea myslef I full understand! Whatever the weather, you can't beat a nice cupa!

    Words they didn't agree with:
    Croquet, Cheerleading and polo. None of these are particulary popular with our students, infact they didn't even know what croquet was! Its funny you should mention cheerleading as we would generally think of this as being an American hobby, however, our school has just started a cheerleadin club and enter in to their first competition next week!

    Posted by Gladys Baya on behalf of: Rachel (NBA teacher)