Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How to use vocaroo

Screen shot - Vocaroo
Screen shot - Vocaroo (Photo credit: Kathy Cassidy)
Would you like me to listen to you when we're not at school?
Send me a message using Vocaroo!

To record yourself using Vocaroo:
1. Go to
2. Click on "Click to record",choose "accept" when they ask for permission to use your camera,  and start talking.
3. When you finish, click on "Click to stop".
4. Click on "Listen" to listen to what you recorded, or "Retry" to record again.
5. When ready, click on "Click here to save" (below the green box), and then copy the code under "Sharing options" (eg:
6. Go to our Edmodo group,paste the code in the message box, and send me a direct post (=enter my name next to "¿Para quién?" and press "Send").

You can also choose to record yourself with your mobile phone, and then go directly to to upload your file... Then take step 6.

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The future

Re: 1st PIE advanced - Activate B1+ Unit 4 (3rd term 2012)

Here are some links for you to practise using the different future forms we've studied in this unit (Present simple; present continuous; going to; simple future; future continous; future perfect):

Interested in more? Try these recommendations by Ms Carballo, an English teacher in Spain.

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