Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Hero: 1st lesson at the computer lab

Hi class!

Surprise! Today we're having our lesson at the school computer lab. I'm confident you'll make very good use of the opportunity to start interacting with our partners in the "My Hero" project.

These are the tasks you should try during our lesson:
  1. Check recent entries in this class blog labelled "My Hero". If there are any tasks you haven't carried out yet, start there!
  2. Visit our project site. Use the column on the right and follow the links to the different school pages shared. If it's possible, leave a comment for the class in each case. When commenting features are not available, leave a comment under this blog entry. In your comments, you may:
  • comment on any coincidences you've found between them and our class
  • give them feedback on what they've shared
  • ask questions you'd like them to answer
  • please avoid "empty comments" such as "Cool video!" or "Nice to meet you. Please visit our project site". Remember the idea is to show you're real, caring, human beings! ;-)
  • Some reminders: no full names (just first names or nicknames), no links to personal sites, no personal info (e.g. your email address or MSN nickname). For the next hour or so the cyberspace is your classroom, and everything you do there is an educational activity!
3. Go to IEARN project forum for high school students (log in with the username and password you've been assigned). Introduce yourself and then introduce your hero within the right discussion. If you find messages by other classes, please reply to at least two of them.
4. 10 minutes before the class finishes, come back to this blog entry and leave a comment summing up what you've achieved and any problems you might have had.

Of course, if you face any problems or have doubts, you can always ask me!

Happy surfing!


  1. hi! we are from argentina. we visited your webpage and we´d like you to tell us what "burek" is.
    don't you see "the simpsons"?? they are very famous in whole america.

    lol.. caro and anita

  2. To the students in Russia

    Hi There! We are Andrés and Sol from Argentina. There are a lot of things that your school have in common with ours, for example almost all of us like harry potter and volleyball. Nevertheless we prefer much more football.

    Obviously we don't have the same likes about Authors because we are more keen on reading national Literature such as Borges or Cervantes.
    It's really great to be able to comunicate with people around the world, isn't it?

    Do you have any local drink or food?
    Would you like to visit Argentina if you had the chance?

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    Sol ♥ and Andrés ☺

  3. hi! we`re from argentina and we have a question to the Slovenian.. we´d like you to tell us what "burek" is.
    Don´t you see "the simpsons"? they´re very famous in whole America.

    lol.. caro and anita

  4. To Suas school(Slovenia):
    Hi!we are Laura and Agustina from Argentina, Buenos Aires.
    You have a nice page on the Internet. There are very interesting pictures. We are happy of sharing this project with you :)
    We would like to know more about your traditions, because you are far away from here. It would be interesting to know about the things you do to have fun or going out with friends.
    We will be waiting for your answer.
    Bye bye

  5. Student at Canada
    Hi we are from Calasanz School in Argentina. We are having lessons at our school computer lab. It`s the first time that we have been here. The class is more fun that being in the english lab.
    About the food what is Roti?
    In argentina our favourite meal is barbacue, it`s a tipical food here.
    Don`t you watch The Simpsons? we recommend it because we love it..

    Débora and Camila

  6. This comment is for Voronezh Interlingua School, North Centre from Calasanz School, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    We were looking at your Classroom Survey and we agree with your ideas about "What is a hero?".

    Thank you :)

    O & M .

  7. to the canadians students..

    we saw your video at youtube.. what really suprise us was that a girls had a very particular way oh clothing, why?

    anita and caro :)

  8. Hi Voronezh Interlingua School's students!
    Here in Argentina we also love The Beatles, and we really enjoy watching south park. About your food, we love the same food.
    Don't you wathc the simpsons?
    Do most of you have a computer at home?
    Here we have a two computer room with about 30 computer each, all of them are new. Does your school have a primary section? Or it is just secondary?

    Your friends Juan F. and Ale =)

  9. Hi Voronezh Interlingua School, North Centre we are from argentina.
    In your school have a lot of things that here never will have for example skiing and ice skating becasue there isn't snow.
    bye see you
    Fede and Fede

  10. Hi Russian students! Nice to meet you, we are Martin and Juan Manuel.

    We've found few coincidences, for example: the typical food, or some of the characteristics of the school. In fact, we are so different. We have other interests about sports, tv programmes, music, authors, etc. For example, now in Argentina the brand-new music is reggaeton, and talking about the TV, here football programmes are beating records of viewers, because Argentinians love this sport.

    We wonder what your favourite sport is, we think that is skiing, isnt it?.

    Calasanz School is very big, it has more or less 1000 pupils, from Primary to Secondary School. We consider that the level is high, depending on the subjetc. I don't know if Algebra is the same subjetc as Maths.

    We're looking forward to your answer, class! If you want any more information, please ask us at our Proyect Site.


  11. To Muir School(California,USA):
    Hello everybody!! We are from Buenos Aires, Argentina. We have just entered your page on the Internet, and we realized that you don´t have our link (
    It´s an interesting site. With a lot of useful information.
    But, we would like to know more about your favourites holiday places: do you usually go to the beach? because we do.
    Well, we will be waiting for your reply.
    Laura and Agustina.

  12. To Suas school(Slovenia):
    Hi! we are maria and tatiana and we are glad about having a lesson at the computer lab.
    We find this work such a bit difficult, but it's funny.
    The pictures helps us to know more about your traditions, and we have just realized that we share most of it.Anyway, we'd like to know more about you.

  13. we visited the webpages of the four countries and it was amazing to meet another cultures. we enjoy a lot this class and we had no problem ;) we could check everything we wanted! hope yo repeat it =D

    caro and anita !

  14. Hi again!

    We are about to finishing our english lab class and we had a great time sharing our ideas with other people.
    We think that Iearn is a very interesting and useful project:T. And it's also very easy to use so we didn't have any problems using it.

    Solci ♥ and Andrés☺

  15. I´m happy very happy :):):D:D

    Juancito Lusnich

  16. Hi Voronezh Interlingua School!
    We hope you're ok.
    We have been reading your web site and we discovered that we share a computer game. We also play Sims. That fun!
    What really surprise us was one of your food's name: shrimps. What is that?
    Nice to meet you.
    Please visit our site because perhaps you also find coincidences.


    Nati & Cami

  17. we are finishing this english lesson, and we have to share what we have learnt, this is how to communicate with other people from different parts of the world.

    juan f y ale

  18. We have some problems at the organization of the activities, but we could solve it.
    We left some comments on the videos in youtube. amd in this blog.
    It was very successful

    maria and tatiana

  19. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  20. We visited the Canada, U.S.A and Slovenia student`s pages and we commented the Canada`s one.
    We had problems about how to comment the pages at first time but we solved it, and also the conection was a bit slow.
    Dèbora anda Camila Roggiero

  21. to bloor CI school:
    we are sabrina and gonzalo, we are so happy because having contact with your school!.
    we have so many questions to ask you, like What are your traditional foods? What are your hobbies?
    Bye Bye!!
    more information about buenos aires:

  22. This activity was really fun and nice for us, and we think that it was an opportunity to interacting with others students for diferent parts of the world.
    We also like the groups of students, they were multicultural.
    We hope to hear from you soon!

    M & O :)

  23. Hi, we are Paul and Micaela.
    we have been working in the proyect, and we commented a post from a Canadian School in Iproject forum. We told them about our favourite music and sports... but we forget telling them about our hobbies! we will be doing soon.
    We didnt have a lot of trouble, but we didnt understand what we had to do in an activity.


  24. To the canadian students:

    We enjoyed your video at YouTube. We commented it. It was a very interesting and funny presentation.

    We're going to stay in contact.

    Bye bye :D

    Rodrigo and Gabriel, from Argentina

  25. We've posted a comment and then we hadn't found it anywhere so we had to do it again
    Nati & Cami

  26. Rodrigo & GabrielOctober 30, 2009 at 1:38 PM

    To the students from Bahrain:

    It's fun to know about your likes and discover that they are similar to ours!
    For example, we love playing PES and Tekken.
    We also like reading Shakespeare and playing volleyball.
    That's very strange and interesting at the same time.

    Bye bye :)

    Rodrigo & Gabriel

  27. To Bloor Collegiate Institute (Canada):

    Hi friends!
    We are Martin and Juan Manuel from Argentina.
    We had seen the Russians' Facebook and had found a lot of differences. But this time we

    found great coincidences with you, and we'll tell you. For example, we know J.K. Rowling

    because of Harry Potter, we play the same sports or computer's games. And we have 30 PC

    computers, there isn't any notebook.
    Have you ever been in Argentina? If it is, did you like it?

    Goodbye =D

    Juan M. and Martin.

  28. We're finishing this activity and we want to say that we like this type of activities because we can know new things about other schools or institutes. This is a very good way to communicate with other people from different countries.

    Juan M. and Martin.

  29. we've posted the two comments for the two diferents schools and the conclusion of the activity, and in Iearn Forum we've introduced our Heros. However, we think we have to do something more, and can't remember.
    We hope you can answer us, bye!

    Juan M. and Martin.

  30. In this proyect we can conect with students from other countries and talk about school hobbies and other things.
    And we don´t have any problems with this proyect.

    Fede and Fede

  31. Canadian Students,
    That´s a beautifull presentation but I can´t coment it in you tube. I hope you are OK see you.

    Fede and Fede

  32. To the students in Slovenia:
    Your city is realy lovely, the buildings are great and the landscapes are very picturesque. I'd love to be there once in my life!
    /to the students in Canada
    Your class seems to be a very cosmopolitan one, and you treat each other without making differences, which is absolutely great. Actually, you can profit from it, knowing about different cultures, which are realy great if you get into them.
    It's also very nice that you have computers in your classroom, it think that it would help you a lot!
    Was nice to meet you!
    Conclussion of the project:
    It was great for me to learn about people in different countries, and to see how similar and different at the same time to us they can be.
    It would be great to know them all, personaly!

  33. Canadian Sutednts,

    Nice video. A lot of people of different countries participe in that class, that's very cool. I like the enthusiasm that you have in the project and all the definitions of heroes.
    Thanks for that wonderful video!

    Euge & Flor

  34. To the girls in Bahrain,

    Hi! We love your slidesshow, it's very clear and interesting. Here, in ARgentina, we love Italian Food, in fact it's very popular. The description of your city is very beautiful, we hope we can visit it one day. Bye!

    Flor & Euge

  35. To the students in Slovenia:
    i think that your city is so beautiful, the houses are great and the streets too..
    canada students:
    i like very much that your class has people of diferent cultures, i also see that you help each other and thats very important in a classroom
    Conclussion of the project:
    i like a good idea to connect people of all countries and the cultures of those countries and people who live there.


  36. To the girls in Baharain,

    Hi, I'm Maria del Carmen from Argentina. I want to visit yous city, becuase it's wonderful. Your customs are famtastic and very popular.We hope you can answer us, bye!

  37. To the Bloor Institute:

    I am from Calansanz School in Argentina. I saw you video in you tube, It's very funny. I found diferences and coincidences with you.
    In Argentina we loves pizza and ice cream but we didn't listen Kenye West and Sum 41.

    Bye bye
    Juan Francisco

  38. To the slovenian school:

    Hi, I am from Calasanz School. You have very nice pictures in your page. Slovenia is a great country. You don't listen The Rolling Stones? is one of my favourite music band.

    Bye Bye
    Juan Francisco

  39. 1) To the students in Slovenia:

    I really enjoyed getting to know a little about you and the way your life is: your likes and dislikes, the kind of music you are into, your families, your country and your customs.

    I’d like to know more about your country, and I’d love to visit it one day. It has great infrastructure, and I think Slovenian art is impressive.

    2) To the students in Canada:

    You ‘ve made an excelent video guys, because it helps us to get to know you and it shows us the way you work in your class - I think it’s great to have computers in the classroom - . Besides, your country seems awesome, I’d love to live there.

    In this video you ‘ve read some answers to the question “What’s a heroe?”.
    In my opinion, a heroe is a person who saves lives through morally valuable actions and corage. It is someone admired for their achievements and virtues, someone who helps people with their problems, someone who helps to avoid catastrophes. Taking this into account, a policeman, a fireman, a doctor or a foundation that helps the poor could be heroes.

    3) To the students of Hidd Intermediate Secondary Girl’s School, Hidd, Bahrain:

    It’s interesting to know about the things you like and I value your work. You ‘ve given information about your favourite music groups, your favourite authors, TV shows, school subjects, sports and videogames. But unfortunately, I don’t like any of the things you like.

    Your school has a lot of history, like ours. The number of students in each class tends to be a little higher (of about 35-40 students). You make great use of technology and it’s fantastic.
    In my city, people aren’t so friendly and generous with everyone because of the high crime rates. People are scared.

    4) To the students of “Voronezh Interlingua School, North Centre”:

    I’m into some of those TV shows you like and I love the same food. I also like the way your school looks.

    It seems we don’t have much in common the Russians and the Argentinians. Our countries have very different cultures, so it’s hard for me to find something both our countries are related by.

    It must be great to run parties at your own school! Besides, I’ve read you have more free days in holidays than us – you’re lucky –.
    My school has around 850 students and it’s considered to be one of the best schools in the city – if you don’t study, you’ll fail all the exams –.

    There are a lot of activities we can do at school. For example, we can play football after the classes are over if we ask for permission. You can also get together with some friends and play some music with the school’s instruments, play chess, go into the computer lab or anything you like.

    5) To the students of “Muir School, California, USA” :

    I think it was an excelent idea to upload that image in reference to the Peace Day March, and it’s very interesting that you students can make web pages – that must be difficult –.

    The students try to study a piece of text and to make meaning of it. The text could be, for example, a book, a poem or a piece of artwork. But it's something that has some mystery to it and will cause people to think, and to share their ideas.


  40. To Muir School(California):
    Hello! We are Tatiana andf Maria from Argentina. We have just entered your page on the Internet.It's a very interesting and funny, but we would like to know more about your favourite music, sports and hobbies. We will be waiting for your answer. Bye see you

  41. Video from Youtube:
    It's very nice to see all these people introducing themselves, and is really funny the part when all of you say: "Hello Argentina, Hello Marrocco". Kisses!
    Debora Aguirre

  42. Well it was a great experience we think, because of several things, but the most important is that in no other subject we can spend some time with the computers for communication.

    Debora Aguirre y Camila Roggiero