Connecting Classrooms 2013 - Project "Identity and belonging"

Argentina through teen eyes - Exploring who we are

This is the final product created by my first-year students at Instituto Santa Cruz (Buenos Aires, Argentina) for the tele-collaborative project "Identity and Belonging: Exploring who we are" (within the programme "Connecting Classrooms", run by the British Council - Schools Online).

Our objective was to show the world (and, in particular, our British partners) a bit of what my learners consider typical of our country. 

We hope  you enjoy it, and leave your comments!


(collaboration by 3rd-year students; Teacher: Ms de Hoop)


  1. On 10 July, 2013, Rachel (UK) wrote:

    Your presentations are excellent and really interesting. Its fascinating to see which of our assumptions are true and which are completely false!!
    This project has been great and my students have really enjoyed it.
    Thank you

  2. On 6 July, 2013, Victoria (Argentina) wrote:
    Just great!
    It's really a wonderful final product! Inspiring!

  3. I really like your presentations, they make me want to learn more! The slides about food looks really delicious :) The food named empanadas look really similar to a Polish food called Pierogis. Your presentations given lots of information, thank you.

    Natalia (NBA student)

  4. We looked at your clothes slideshow and we think that you have some really nice clothes. We especially like the types of shoes that you wear. We also looked at your hobbies and found out that they were similar to ours such as football, water fights, listening to music, and playing card games

    Ellie, Demi and Charlie (NBA students)

  5. Its been great to see all of the powerpoints that the students have created online and to look at the traditions and culture of Argentina. In my opinion, Argentina seems like a traditional place as you do a variety of things that connect you to your beliefs. The 2 countries, England and Argentina have many similarities and differences which I did not realise before. Thank you.

    Sarah Iqbal (NBA student)

  6. I love you presentations they are really interesting and full of facts that I haven't heard of before. I have learnt that our schools have many difference such as the canteens and the classrooms. How many hours a day do you go to school and what is the behaviour like? Thank you

    Chloe Hailing (NBA student)