Monday, July 13, 2009

"Reason" (by Isaac Asimov)

A new week starts, 4th-year class!

Are you all OK? I hope so!

Apart from keeping working on the "My hero" project, this week you must read "Reason", one of the options in your collection of short stories by Isaac Asimov.

After reading this story, complete the activity on p. 91 of the O.U.P. edition. ("Who said these words, and to whom? What or who were they talking about?"). We'll check your answers in class on August 5th.

Now think about this: while talking about robots in a futuristic world, Asimov was really discussing human dilemmas and problems he saw around. What message can "Reason" have for its readers? Do you think this is still an important issue for humanity today? Post a comment and voice your thoughts!

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