Monday, July 6, 2009

Grammar: Conditional II (Energy 3 - Unit 7 FOCUS 4)

Morning class!

Isn't it good you could stay at home today? If we were meeting at school today, we would be wet!

But there's an emergency, and we're not going to school, so let's get started working at home!

Today you must:
  • Complete p. 78 in your book (Unit 7 FOCUS 4)
  • Complete pp. 74 and 75 in your workbook.
  • Complete pp. 80 and 81 in your book (Unit 7 FOCUS 5). ONLY exercises 1 to 4.
Answers here.

Looking forward to your comments (see instructions in the document above)! And don't forget to answer our poll in the sidebar! (poll = "encuesta")


  1. Unit 7 - page 78 exercice 5 S.B.

    If you were older, wih job would you like do.

    Martin Felice

  2. Is that a question for me, Martin? Let's see... If I was older, what job would I like to do? Mmm... I think I'd like to continue teaching, but perhaps smaller groups... Not sure, I love teaching, but it's true it takes lots of energy...

    Now your turn to answer one of the questions!


  3. If you spoke three languages, whick would you know?

  4. That's an interesting question, Emiliano! My answer is: I would choose to learn (better)French, Portuguese and ... perhaps German, or Italian... I can read the first two, but speak none!

    Now YOUR turn to do your homework: choose one question and ANSWER it!


  5. If you could live anywhere, where would you live?

    I would live in United States or Spain!

  6. Really, Emiliano!? Why would you choose to live in those countries? What would you do there?

    Curious Gladys