Thursday, September 29, 2011

Our Heroes

@ 3rd IE (beginners)
Re: New Opportunities Pre-Int- Module 4 

Hi class!

In this module, we talk about heroes and heroines. Your first activity is to make a contribution to this digital poster. The idea is to show who our heroes are!

You can add a photo, text, audio or video. Play with the special effects!

After you make a contribution to the poster, post a comment here, explaining what you added and why.

Example: I put a photo of Mother Teresa. I think she was very generous and  decisive. She helped a lot of people

1. Go to (verán el poster que aparece aquí abajo)
2. Click on Login (en rosa, arriba, a la derecha de la pantalla)
3. Nickname: gladysbaya; Password: santacruz
4. Click on Edit Your Glog (arriba a la izquierda del poster). Use the magnet tool to make your contribution. (son las cajitas negras arriba a la izquierda, elijan según quieran agregar texto, imagen, audio o video. Cuando agregan algo aparece en la mitad de la pantalla, arrástrenlo a la posición que deseen).
4. Click on EDIT to change your contribution. (pueden cambiar el tamaño, tipo de letra, colores, posición, y agregar sombras). Use GRAPHIC to add special effects (por ejemplo, flechas que se muevan).
5. Save. (Guarden su aporte, haciendo click en "SAVE OR PUBLISH"

DEADLINE: October 5th, 2011.

See you in class!

PD1: no tengan miedo de probar, todo puede borrarse más tarde... ¡Lo único que no deben hacer es cliquear en el tachito de basura cuando hayan seleccionado un aporte realizado por un compañero!
PD2: esta actividad será calificada. 

IMPORTANT: On Nov 2nd, I changed the password for Glogster. YOU CANNOT CONTINUE EDITING THE POSTER. If you think that any changes are necessary, post a comment here!


  1. Gladys soy Agustina, cuando trato de ingresar con el usuario y contraseña me aparece que esta incorrecto. Que hago?

  2. Sorry, Agustina!!! I forgot to correct the password, but it's OK now. Please try again, can you?
    Sorry, sorry, sorry!

  3. Ya pude, gracias Gladys..
    My hero is my mum. Why? Because I think there isnt a person in a world like her. She gives us everything to I and my brothers want for have a good life. When we are ill or we have a problem she knows how to fix or help us.We love her, and she loves us. Agustina Vazquez

  4. My hero for me is my best friend, Juan Ignacio. He is my friend since eleven years ago. We spend a lot of time together, our parents are very friends too. I think that we will friends forever, because we are like brothers.

    Please, do NOT write a lot about your heroes in the poster, and do NOT write your names. It's a class product.

    And REMEMBER you must write a comment here, in this blog (see Sofia V. and German's examples).("es lo que más pesa en la nota"). ESTEBAN, AUGUSTO and PEDRO: your texts are not in the poster anymore, please send them as comments here.

    The poster looks really good at the moment, but only 5 students have contributed. Hurry up!


  6. My hero is Nach Scratch because i think he is the best rapper and i think that his lyrics are telling the reality, that he is really creative with his songs. I think that his rimes are awesome and i like the style of the songs. I believe he is a great person and a great artist.

    Gladys the site it's not working so i cant upload the picture in the poster.

  7. My heroe isn't a person. My heroe is a group of people. They are the mothers and grandmothers of plaza de mayo. I admire it because they ever looked her family and never attacked the kindnappers. Now this people are separate doing different's things but helping the society. Specially the grandmothers who won a prize of the unesco in France for her work one month ago

  8. Hello! My name is Matias Rios Salerno. My hero is Charly Garcia, he is a famous singer, he play the piano and the guitar. He is also the most important person in the national rock. He suffered the evil of the drugs and he recovered. He has a lot of cds, for example " El concierto sub acuatico" and "La hija de la lagrima".

  9. Hello! my name is Esteban Chaves and Iganacio Corleto is my hereo, because he is very good rugby player and he is very fast. He is a good person, because he is a president of the foundation "botines solidarios", this foundation to help more kids can play rugby. 3 A Instituto Santa cruz.

  10. My name is Ignacio. My hero is Cristiano Ronaldo. It's a great player futbool. Years ago stands out in a top team like Real Madrid, and is one of the most wanted figures to promote products through its arrival to the people. It is one of the new figures of the revival of Portuguese football.Ignacio Botana 3º B Instituto Santa Cruz

  11. Helo! I Augusto Benayon Funes. My Hero Is Martin Palermo, he is a football player. I admire becouse he plays very good in football and he is a good scorer. He suffered many in his career injures He help Unicef, he have a fundation so that help kids can play sports. He is a generous person. I love him.

  12. deborah pergamenikOctober 19, 2011 at 3:19 PM

    My hero is my mum because she is a great person and she care my brothers and I alone. She gave us everything we need to be happy and that's why I love her and is my hero.

  13. My Hero is John Lennon. He was a MAN! He fough for world peace, he can't get it, but John gives to his fans and followers a very important message. You don't give Up! You can get whatever you want with a little bit of patience and security of yourself. I love him!

  14. Hi! My name is Sofia and I'm 15. My hero is Gonzalo "Pipita" Higuain, he is a football player like his father and his brother. I really admire him, he is my favourite football player and I think he is beautiful and in the National Football Team he made a lot of goals!! I love him.

  15. Hi! :) , My name is Juan I. Mi hero is Carlos Alberto Tevez Martinez (32). In my opinion he is the best player of the world because he's very inteligent on the ground and he played in Boca Juniors, mi favourite team. Go Sir Charles! :D