Monday, June 27, 2011

Talking time!

Re: Activate B1+ - Unit 3
@: 1st year PIE (advanced) 2011

Hello class!

At Talkgroup » SantaCruzActivateB1+, I've started 3 possible conversations for you to take part in:

They're all related to Unit 3 in your student's book. Students who participate in at least one of these conversations recording a message which is one minute or longer, and using at least two expressions studied in our course get 0.50 extra points for our next test. Students who post before next Tuesday (July 5th), contribute to the three discussions, or use at least five expressions (by posting to one or two conversations), get another 0.50!

To record yourselves, you will be asked to create an account at Voxopop. After you have created your account, you'll need to apply to join the class group (only the students in our class can participate, you see?). After I have accepted you, you will be able to record your message!

  • Choose a user name that makes it possible for me to know who you really are, but do not use your full name (e.g. Karina is OK; Kari is OK; KarinaP is OK, KarinaPerez is NOT);
  • As an avatar, choose a picture that represents you (e.g. your favourite cartoon, a special object) or a close-up of your eye, but not your portrait.

That's all for now. We'll have new conversations for every unit in the book!


  1. Guido Santonja 1st PIE santa cruzAugust 22, 2011 at 7:27 PM

    Gladys, You haven´t accepted me yet! I want to give my opinion in the conversations, please! , accept me !

  2. Hi Guido!
    Your request was not there when I last looked today at midday... I've just accepted you, and Zamira as well!
    Looking forward to hearing you all!