Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Phrasal verbs with "TAKE"

Re: Activate B1+ - Unit 2 - p. 21 ex. 5

Hi 1st PIE students!

Today I invite you to try this quiz on different phrasal verbs with "TAKE". Although not all of them are included in your student's book, I hope you can enjoy it and find the activity useful!

Phrasal verbs with "TAKE" - QUIZ (6 questions)
and... another QUIZ!

Don't forget to post a comment telling us your score! And, if you're brave enough, why not post a sentence with a blank for others to guess the phrasal verb with "take" that completes it?

Here goes my example:
When old Mr Smith retired, his son .... the family business.

Now your turn to post a similar sentence... Answer to mine: next week (only if somebody has posted a comment ;-)!)



  1. Guido Santonja 1st PIE santa cruzJune 6, 2011 at 7:39 PM

    Gladys, I love the blog. I like just because we can learn by playing. The games are fantastic! Please do not stop doing the blog because it helps me to study. Thanks...

  2. Thanks for making yourself "visible", Guido! It's great to learn somebody has actually been around... Have you tried the quiz on phrasal verbs with "TAKE"? What was your score? And can you guess my sentence? I'll only reveal the answer if somebody tries to guess first!
    See you in class,