Monday, July 6, 2009

Sports and Hobbies

Good morning, 4th year class!

Today you must work with World Link (video) Unit 8, completing pp. 64 and 65. Remember you can check your answers reading the dialogue on p. 105 of your book.WRITE ABOUT YOU:
Answer (use the "Comments" section) in about 80 words:

Write about some sports and hobbies you've been interested in, both in the past and present. How long have you been doing them? Why do you like them? If you quit doing something, why did you?

(Use vocabulary studied in the unit)

OPTIONAL: try this quiz on verbs that are used with different sports!

NOTE: students posting their answers before July 10th will not need to write about them in the test on August 11th.

Have fun!


  1. Volleyball has always been one of my favorite sports since I joined the school team in 7th grade. Our year was the year when everyone is active and many girls like to play sports, I remembered when the teacher inscribe us in a volleyball tournament we were so excited, and we got the first place in once, it was a great experience. We used to practice seriously every week, play many games, win many games, and had so much fun together.
    All that things are beautiful moments because now I’m out of that team and I really miss it. We had problems with the organization of the school because they put a law which Say that “You must pay $80 for the afternoon activities like volleyball, football, etc”. So all the people who were playing sports didn’t want to pay, and that’s why I quit playing volleyball.
    To sum up, I hope that one day the school thinks about what they had done and I will recover my team.
    Ornella Di Natale.

  2. During my childhood, I have played football and tennis since I was six years old. I continue playing football with my friends once a week, but I had to stop practising tennis a few years ago, because it costs a lot of money and I prefered doing other sports.
    When I started secondary school at Calasanz's Institute, I have played voleyball for two years. My team finished in the second place in the tournament in which other Catholic schools participated. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to study, so I had to stop playing voleyball too.
    In general, I like this sports because are funny and I can play with some friends. The sports in group are very exciting.
    In my free time, I like playing video games since my parents bought my computer because these are interesting entertainments and surfing the NET because allows me to communicate with my friends and get the latest news.
    That's all :D
    Martín B.

  3. during my childhood the only sport i liked to do was swimming because i like the water so much. i remember when i was eight years old in villa gessel with my family, i was afraid because i cant float into the swimming pool of the hotel where we were, my dad learning me to float and could swim.
    i think that swim is the only sport i like, but i like basketball too.
    when i have ten years, a friend was going to swimming classes with me. The teacher´s teach the four styles, my favourite style is from behind because is it easier to breathe.
    me and my friend always going with his mother and my dad took us.
    i went to classes only for three months because these was very tiring but it was very good for my body and because is the only sport i like to do.
    by the time, i go to the gym with my brother.
    bye gladys ! :)

    Gonzalo Romanello

  4. During my childhood, I practised a lot of sports.Sport has always been an important part of my life.
    My mum always forced my sister and I to swim. In her opinion, swimmming is very usefull for our lifes and it good for our health, and I agree with her.
    I used to play tennis, for three years when I was six. Although I played quite well, it wasn't what I want to practise. I think that tennis was a lonely sport, and I wanted to play in a team, so I decided on playing hockey. This would be a nice sport to practise in group.
    For that reason I started to play hockey in "Club Italiano". Before that I had practised hockey four years in the school.
    Now a days, I spare too much time playing hockey during the week, I practise on mondays, tuesdays, and thursday around three hours.On saturdays I play in a tournament which our team play with others club in the surrounding areas. Its takes too much time of my study, and I haven't got enought time to spare with my friends during the week. Anyway, hockey is what I love to do, and I satisfied the way I do it.

    Tatiana Bailo

  5. During my childhood, I have played hockey since I was 11 years old. We have participated in an intercollegiate tournament anda we have been champions in 2005. I loved this sport, but last year I realized that I wanted to finish playing hockey so I decided to leave the team and start to go to bradance classes. Now a day, I go dancing twise a week; so I`m not doing a sport but I really want to go to the gym, even when I have free time to burn some calories to be healthy and shape to the summer. The problem is that my mother is paying $85 per month and I always tell her that I want to go to the gim but he refuses because she says she will not pay for another activity so I think that is almost imposible to go.
    For the time being, I will continue going dancing and when my mother can pay other extra activity I will go to the gym.