Wednesday, July 8, 2009

PROJECT: "My Hero" - We've been welcome!

Becky Miller (an IEARN teacher in the USA) writes:

Dear Gladys,
We would be delighted to have you and your students participate in The MY HERO Project!
Our director, Jeanne Meyers, has asked me to offer you any assistance that you and your students might require... I understand your unusual circumstances in Buenos Aires at this time. (I hope that everyone stays well!) Let me know if you need any special help and I'll do whatever I can to make it easy for you.
Warm regards,
Editor MY HERO

Students will share their hero stories with a written story, using the writer’s Create Program. Students are invited to build a Web page about their heroes using text, images and links (you can watch a short film demonstrating how to create a web page with the program here). Once students have SUBMITTED their MY HERO web pages they will be REVIEWED by the MY HERO staff to be sure that they are appropriate for students of all ages to read. Once APPROVED the students’ web pages are then ACTIVATED for public viewing online the MY HERO web site.


Art: in the Gallery, students are invited to upload original artworks about their heroes, or the concept of heroism (you can watch a short film about the gallery here, and use the tutorial to upload your work).

Film making: Students, teachers and artists are invited to view and submit documentary, experimental, animated or narrative short films, 10 minutes and under, about those making a positive difference in our world at Short films must be mailed on DVD to The MY HERO Office.

To create a hero Web page and upload artwork each student will need to register with a username and password at (write this down so you do not forget
it!). In the “school field” , enter "COLEGIO CALASANZ".

VERY IMPORTANT: use your teacher's email address ( so they can notify me when your stories or artwork have been activated on the Web site.

Important rules
1. No hatred, violence or prejudice – we are looking for heroes who inspire us with the best in humanity
2. No plagiarism or copying – work must be must be written in the student’s own words, not copied or copy/pasted. Artwork should be original.
3. Credit all sources and include URL’s. Do not use generic credits like “Google” or “Yahoo” search engines. Text from other sources should appear with quotation marks and include a reference to the original source. All online sources for info should be cited and linked.
4. RELATED LINKS: Please include all online educational resources used to research the essay, artwork or short film. Sources should be “linked” in that section of the MY HERO Template.
Example: The Library of Congress [ ]

That's all from Betty. In my next entry (later today), I'll tell you where you need to introduce yourselves and where to see other student's work. In the meantime, and assuming you've done what the previous entries for this project told you to do (though only 4 people have emailed me for their user name and password so far!), you can start researching about your hero.

By the way, who will you be writing about? Post a short comment mentioning:
  • your hero's name
  • what (s)he does/did that makes them special
  • when and where (s)he lived



  1. My hero´s name:
    Walter Elias Disney
    what he did that makes them special:
    is a special person because his creation gives happiness to children
    when and where he lived?:
    he was born in Chicago(december 5,1901) and died in Los Angeles (december 15, 1966)

    Gonzalo Romanello

  2. Interesting choice, Gonzalo! Looking forward to reading your page about him!

  3. My hero´s name:
    Rodrigo Alejandro Bueno

    what he did that makes them special:
    is a special person because his music so popular and funny!

    when and where he lived?:
    he was born in Córdoba, May 24,1973 and died in Berazategui, June 24 ,2000.

    Ornella Di Natale

  4. your hero's name:
    Princess Diana,(Lady Di).

    what (s)he does/did that makes them special:
    Although she was a princess she lived to help the poor and starving people.

    when and where (s)he lived:
    She was born on July 1st 1961 and died in 1997.

    Federico Soiza

  5. @Ornella: original, had never thought of Rodrigo as a "hero", he's more of an idol to me. Will be looking forward to reading how you think he made the world a better place!

    @Federico: a most interesting choice, have you read her biography by any chance (there's a reader for English students about it, I mean)?

  6. My hero's name:
    Mother Teresa de Calcuta.

    What did that makes them special:
    She helped people in India, for example she gave food to poor people.

    When and where (s)he lived:
    She lived in India, in the XX century, and she died 12 years ago.

  7. Ui me olvide, soy juanma lusnich jaja

  8. your hero's name:
    grandfather, Matías Andrés Rodríguez

    what (s)he does/did that makes them special
    He was a very special person for me.

    when and where (s)he lived:
    he lived en Chivilcoy, Argentina

    Ana Laura Ferrari

  9. @Juanma: Mother Teresa is somebody I really look up to too! Have you read her biography in English too? There's a very nice simplified reader on her (can't remember the publisher, though).

    @Ana Laura: great idea to choose a member of your family!!! Make sure to clearly explain why "he's made the world better" when you present him as a hero.

    Looking forward to reading all your pages,

  10. My hero name "Eva Perón"

    What (s)he does/did that make them special
    She introduce womens to political activities allowing them to vote in the elections.

    When and where (s)he lived
    She was born on May 7th 1919 and died on July 26th 1952. She lived in Los Toldos Buenos Aires.

    Tatiana Bailo

  11. No Gladys, I decided to pick up information by different ways and then make her biography.

    It would be a great idea if I had copied that "biography in English" jaja, wouldn't it?

  12. @Tatiana: first politician on our list! I'm sure you'll be able to write many interesting things on her...

    @"Anonymous": you must have been JuanMa or FedeS, answering my question. Anyway, I wasn't suggested you might plagiarise your work, I just thought that might have been your starting point...

    @EVERYBODY: remember to credit your sources when posting your work to the "My Hero" site, or your work won't be accepted!!! :-0!

    Take care,

  13. your hero's name
    Daddy Yankee

    what (s)he does/did that makes them special
    He is a person who has to fight a lot in his childhood and although he was very poor he was always trying to help poor and homeless people. And at the same time he started his famous career as a singer.

    when and where (s)he lived
    He has lived in Villa Kennedy, Puerto rico, since he was born.

    Camila Seewald

  14. • My hero's name:
    Domingo Faustino Sarmiento

    • What he did that makes him special:
    He was a national hero, who performed various professions, and everything was done during his life for the welfare and progress of the inhabitants.

    • When and where (s)he lived:
    He was born in San Juan, Argentina (February 15th, 1811). During his life, he travelled around the world and of course, visited different places of our country. Because of his old age and advanced illness, he died in Asunción, Paraguay (September 11th, 1888).

    Martín Banfi - 4A.

  15. @Camila S: so you've chosen a musician, just like Ornella! Didn't know anything beyond his most recent hits, I'll be looking forward to learning from your page on him!

    @Martin: great choice, second Argentinian politician on the class list... Good you help others to see what's good about our country!

    Well... only one day before holidays start... Who will the other chosen heroes be???


  16. CONGRATULATIONS: Andrés and Juan Manuel have already got their stories published at the "My Hero" site. Clap,clap, clap! I've started creating a page to collect all your stories... Will probably have it ready by the end of the holidays.

  17. -My hero's name:
    Diego Armando Maradona

    -What he did that makes them special
    Diego gave us the second World cup and is the best football player of all times

    -When and Where he lived
    He live in Argentina

    Juan Francisco Manteca

  18. I knew someone would choose a footballer! Maradona's life is certainly interesting, Juan Francisco! Can't wait to read your biography on him!

    BTW, claps for Ornella too.. Her page is also already published.

    Are you all including "COLEGIO CALASANZ" in the school field when you post your biographies? If you don't, it's difficult for me to find them!

    Sleep tight,

  19. My hero's name:
    Cristobal Colon

    What he did that makes them special?:
    Colon discovers America 12 of October of 1492, but specifically to the area of the Caribbean one, a called place Guanahani, today known like El Salvador.

    When and where he lived?:
    Cristoforo Colombo was born in 1451 in Savona, Genoa.

    Mercedes Montaña

  20. Christopher Columbus! Well chosen, Mercedes... I suppose you'll emphasize how his "discovery" has affected culture? He's a questionable hero, you know. Many people would say he actually made the world worse, but I think you can perfectly "defend" his life...
    Go ahead and publish his biography then!

  21. Can I change my hero gladys ? because I have problems, thanks !

  22. I am mercedes Montaña

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  24. My hero's name is: José de San Martín

    What he did that makes him special?
    He freed to Argentine, Peru and Chili of the spanish. He fought with courage and so he is consider as the most important liberator in South America.

    When and where he lived?
    He was born in Yapeyú, Corrientes, Argentina in 1778.

    Carolina Pucheta

  25. My hero's name is: Martin I. Lorenzino

    What he did that makes him special?
    He deals to save as much workers as possible in the World Trade Center, where on 11 September 2001 was an attack from the Al-Qaeda.

    When and where he lived?
    He was born on 25 January, 1968, in Argentina.


  26. @Mercedes: from Columbus to Walsh? What a change of mind? Of course you can change your choice, Mechu, but can I ask you why? What kind of problems did you have when trying to write about Columbus?

    @Carolina: glad you've chosen a national hero (as some other partners too!). You'll be helping the world learn about our history as well!

    @Natalia: had not heard of Lorenzino before.
    Why was he at the WTC at the moment of the attack? Eager to see your page on him!


  27. My hero's name is:
    Manuel Belgrano

    -What he did that makes him special?
    Manuel Belgrano was the creator of the flag and he has participated in the independence war. His main concern was the education.

    -When and where he lived?
    He was born in Bueno Aires, Argentina, in 1770.


  28. -My hero´s name is:
    Juan Manuel Lusnich

    -What he did that makes him special?
    He always helps everyone and sacrifices his time to do things for the others. A clearly example of his goodnes, is this project. He helped all of us to understand what we had to do.

    -When and where he live?
    He was born in 1992 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    Camila Roggiero.

  29. My hero's name is: Albert Einstein

    What did he did that makes him special:
    He taught me that you can be lazy and brilliant at the same time.

    When and where he live?

    1879-1855 Germany, Switzerland, USA..

    Andres Valdivieso

  30. My hero's name:
    Luca Prodan

    What did he did that make him special:
    He was a differente musician who revolutionized the music in Argentina.

    When and where he live?

    1953(Roma, Italy)- 1987 (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

    Federico Nadale

  31. @ Debora: well, this is certainly a class that takes pride in their national identity. I'm so pleased! Go for it, Debbie!

    @Camila R: a classmate is a wonderful option! I definitely second your choice!

    @ Andrés: certainly somebody who has contributed to making the world better! Have you seen this page by a schoolmate of yours?

    @Fede N: Didn't know Luca Prodan had been born in Italy! And the list of "artist heroes" keeps growing... Wonderful!

    Keep it up, class!

  32. Gladys: No, I hadn't seen that page, but anyway I'd seen others and they are all great compositions.


  33. My hero's name:
    Michael Jackson

    What did he did that make him special:
    He was a singer. Altought every body said that he abused children, i don't think so, and i believe in he, and in his music.

    When and where he lived:
    He was born in 1958 and he died in 2009.
    And untill he died, he was living in Los Angeles, California.

    Sol Villegas

  34. My Hero's name:

    John Lennon

    What did he did that make him special:

    He was constantly fighting against war and inequality. Also, he was part of one of the greatest bands in the world, The Beatles.

    When and where he lived:

    He was born in 1940 and he was killed in 1980.
    He lived in Liverpool, England.

    Paul Gisondi

  35. My Hero's name:
    Gabrielle Bonheur "Coco" Chanel

    What did he did that make him special:
    Was a pioneering French fashion designer whose modernist philosophy, menswear-inspired fashions, and pursuit of expensive simplicity made her an important figure in 20th-century fashion.

    When and where he lived:
    She was born in 1883(Loire Valley, France) and she died in 1971(Paris, France).

    Agustina Vilagines,4B

  36. My Hero's name:
    René Gerónimo Favaloro

    What did he did that make him special:
    He was a very important doctor, who saved millions of lifes, he created a system called “bypass” which is used in heart surgerys all over the World.

    When and where he lived:
    He was born in 1923 and he committed suicide in 2000.

    Sabrina Croce, 4ºA

  37. @ Sol and Paul: more artist heroes... great, our web page will feature several of them..

    @Sabrina: Ma. del Carmen has already published a page on this great doctor. You can see it here:Rene Favaloro. Have a look at it before drafting yours, and them make sure you focus on different aspects of his life!
    10 stories have already been published (Mother Teresa, Einstein, Favaloro, Rodrigo, Daddy Yankee, Disney, Ricky Martin, Maradona, San Martín and Belgrano).Hurry up to submit the pending ones!
    See you all next week!

  38. -Your hero's name

    Michael Joseph Jackson

    -What (s)he does/did that makes them special

    His music and dance. He was also a great person and I don t believe what they say about him ¬¬

    -When and where (s)he lived

    He was born in Indiana, U.S.A. and he died in California, U.S.A (1958-2009)

  39. gladys it's the link of my hero's web page


  40. @Rodrigo: Sol is already working on Michael Jackson. That's no real problem, but contact her and make sure your stories are different!


  41. My hero's name:
    Javier Zanetti

    What did that makes them special:
    He's a football player and has got a foundation

    When and where (s)he lived:
    He was born in Argentina in 1973

    Alejandro Lima