Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Get angry! (Energy 4 - Unit 3 FOCUS 2)

Happy Tuesday morning, 3rd-year class!

Have you done all the homework you were supposed to do on Monday? For all subjects? Good for you!!!

In today's lesson, we're thinking about those things that make us ANGRY... Now, here are the activities you must do today:
  • Complete pp. 28; 32 and 33 in your textbook (revision).
  • Complete "Memory Gym 5" on p. 119 of your textbook.
  • Complete pp. 28 and 29 in your workbook.
  • Complete pp. 14 and 15 in your Wordstore.
Check your answers here.

Post a "Comment" discussing this question:
In your opinion, what should go into Room 101? Have you always hated it?
(see p. 33 in your book if you don't know what this question means)

Stay tuned!

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